How much industry experience does Arena have?

Founded in 1985 we are one of the first and longest-established co-operative agencies with almost 40 years’ experience in the industry.

Who does Arena represent?

We represent London-based professional actors.

We do not represent walk-ons, models or children. We are only interested in securing featured and well paid work that will develop our clients’ careers.

How many clients does Arena represent?

We deliberately keep our numbers relatively small so that we get to know our clients really well and, when possible, can see them performing. Usually 25 is the maximum for our client list.

Where are you located?

We no longer maintain an office as we now operate remotely. However, members need good access to London.

How do I know if Arena is right for me?

If we feel you may be a valuable addition to our books we want to be sure that you also fit in with the co-operative ethos and are looking for a greater involvement in the agency than you would with a conventional agency.

Will I receive training?

If you decide to become a Working Member, then you will receive full training in our systems and on how to be an agent. You will also have support and assistance from existing Working Members.

Will I receive feedback when I’m training?

Yes. We discuss your progress regularly and honestly. You can ask for feedback at any time.

How will I know what jobs I’m being put up for?

We operate a transparent policy which gives you more control and insight into your career. You will gain access to breakdowns and castings and have a say in what you are submitted for. You will also receive a daily journal which will let you know what has been happening in the office and every submission that has been made.

Can I still work on unpaid/profit-share projects?

We do allow clients to work in profit share (providing it has been approved by the members).

What sort of work have existing clients had?

Major world-wide commercials, TV (including Eastenders, Hollyoaks and Doctors), Film (including The Iron Lady), Theatre (including West End venues, Theatre Royal Bath, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Hull Truck).

How do you recruit new members?

We attend showcases to enable us to expand the agency when this is necessary. This keeps us in touch with current graduates coming into the industry. We are always looking for great talent and to fill any gaps in our books. We accept direct applications from actors.

How do I apply to Arena?

We need you to apply, stating why you think a co-operative agency would be right for you. Please send these by email. Please apply via email, stating why you think a co-operative agency would be right for you. You must be a member of Spotlight so please include a link to your Spotlight page. We must be able to see you in performance so please send us show invites and/or have an up to date showreel. 

What’s the advantage of a co-operative?

It is owned by its member actors and exists solely to serve them. Our response to recent profits has been to reduce commission rates and subsidise member career development.