We are actively seeking actors in the following categories


  • Black, Asian or a minority ethnicity – any age
  • Musical theatre – any age
  • Actor-musicians – any age
  • 30-45


  • Black, Asian or a minority ethnicity- any age
  • Musical Theatre – Over 25
  • Actor-musicians – Over 25
  • Over 50

We review all applications irrespective of this list and operate a ‘no clash’ policy, meaning if you are too similar to an existing member your application will not be processed.

Seeking representation?

Arena is an actors’ hybrid co-operative agency run by a number of the actors, promoting each other as clients. This provides members with first hand knowledge of how the industry works and a direct involvement in their own careers.

Members of Arena initially join as Client Members who don’t do the day to day office work for the agency, although they still reap the benefits of a Co-operative in the transparency and flexibility of what they are put up for and a lower rate of commission than ‘conventional’ agents. Client Members are also expected to attend monthly meetings and be involved in the running of the business, for instance attending showcases.

Client Members can become Working Members if they wish to and if the other Working Members agree. As a Working Member of Arena, you would work one office day a week. Working Members pay a lower rate of commission on acting jobs than Client Members. We are currently looking for those who would wish to become Working Members rather than those who just want to be Client Members

We look for excellent, professional actors who also:

  • want to be part of the business
  • have computer and administration skills
  • are interested in working as an agent and promoting their colleagues

To be considered for representation, please send your CV and a recent headshot to Arena by post or email, along with a covering letter stating why you are suitable for a co-operative, with details of any forthcoming performances and/or a showreel. Please note that we operate a no clash policy, so do first have a look at who we already represent to check that you are not a clash with one of our current clients before applying.

Have a question? Feel free to get in touch but please check our Frequently Asked Questions section first to be sure your query isn’t covered there already.

If you would like to contact us regarding representation, we’d love to hear from you.